Poultry & Cattle Feed Mixing Plants


Feed Grinder :- Rugged and robust construction. Works on the principle of coarse crushing/breaking of materials in-between the serration plates and efficient beaters. Feed grinder will either have space in-between the serrations or perforated sheet at the bottom of crushing chamber which allows the material to pass after crushing. The output size of the crushed material can be controlled by altering gap between serrations or change of perforated sheet.

Applications: Suitable for coarse crushing of poultry feed ingredients like maize, de oiled cake, millets, grains, dry fish, sea calcium etc.

Capacity: Different capacity machines are available and are also manufactured as per customer requirements starting from 500 to 10000 kgs per hour.


Feed mixing plant: - Feed mixing plant comprises of mainly feed grinder, paddle mixer / ribbon blender, holding bin, bucket elevators accessories and attachment suitable as per capacity requirement or clients specifications and requirements. Combination of efficient machinery, synchronization, atomization are some of the features of our plant and machinery. In general there will be two types of feed for poultry & cattle, they are mash feed (powder feed)and pellet feed, thirdly the new advanced type of feed know as crumble feed.

Applications: Efficient and perfectly suitable for automatic crushing and mixing of many types of poultry and cattle feeds with molasses and without molasses. Most suitable for feed preparation using ingredients like maize, de oiled cakes, millets, grains, cereals, dry fish, sea calcium, plant materials, fodders, molasses etc. This plants finds other applications in bird feeds, emu feed, goat & sheep feed, fish and aqua feed etc.

Capacity: Different capacity of plants with many combination of machinery are available to suit individual customer requirements. Some of the standard capacities are 500 kgs/ 0.5 tons to 10000 kgs/ 10 tons per hour.


Material conveying equipment. :- Our Range of material conveying equipments : Bucket elevators, vertical screw conveyors, horizontal & Inclined screw conveyors, tube conveyors, U type conveyors, auger conveyors, pneumatic conveying equipments, etc. Designed to suit individual requirements & applications of customers. Manufactured with accuracy, precision, using quality inputs like materials, components & consumables etc.

Applications: Widely used in most of the industries.

Capacity: Designed & Manufactured as per required capacity. Manufactured in mild steel, contact parts in stainless steel.