Chemical And Pharmaceutical Equipment


Impact Pulveriser :- A multipurpose grinding machine works on the principle of grinding materials due to impact in-between swing hammers and fixed serrated plates. Material enters the impact mill through feeding tray to grinding chamber and gets powdered. The finely powdered material will be carried away with air pressure through the blower to the cyclone separator, where product can be collected. Impact mill is of robust construction, fabricated with heavy steel plates to withstand grinding forces and vibrations. The parts prone to wear are made of or coated with special grade steels.
To improve efficiency and working conditions we also manufacture and supply pulse jet bag dust collectors, rotary discharge valves, regulated feeders, online sievers etc.

Application : Suitable for powdering coal, minerals, ochers, chemicals, extracts, CMC, bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals etc.

Capacity : Different capacity machines are available and also manufactured both in mild steel, stainless steel construction as per customer requirements.
Eg : Minerals - 50 to 1500 kgs per hour. (Capacity varies from product to product)


Crystallizer :- Experienced in making the crystallizers by taking at most care during all the stages of manufacturing and to meet the stringent process parameters including temperature, pressure etc.
Code Of Manufacturing: IS2825, ASME , SEC VIII,DIV 1, TEMA. Cryogenic Crystallizer are being manufactured with perfect designed shell, dished ends, agitator and with a single start or double start limpet coil of required schedule pipe.
Available in various capacities starting from 1 KL to 10 KL and made in stainless steel grade SS 304 or SS316.


Rotary Vaccum Drier :- Rotary Vacuum Drier work on the principle of drying liquid extracts of water base or solvent base by continuous mixing and agitation under vacuum. The perfection in engineering design will even help in scraping the thin film of dried material in case of requirement. It is been designed as per IS2825, ASME SEC VIII. DIV.1
As per process all attachments like stuffing box, mechanical seals, dust collectors, vacuum provision and jacketing system etc., will be provided.
The required capacity of drier can be designed and manufactured starting from 200 liters up to 2000 liters. They are generally manufactured either in mild steel or stainless steel of grade SS 304 or SS 316.


Heat Exchanger: - We widely manufacture different types of heat exchangers using quality materials, systematic manufacturing procedures, highly skilled workmanship, stringent testing with  standard fittings. Tube in tube heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger, plate type heat exchangers are some of the commonly used ones in chemical, pharmaceuticals, bulk drug, solvent extraction, spices, herbal and fragrance industries. These are made as per standard designs including TEMA etc. Heat exchangers are made in SS 304 or SS 316 grades strictly adhering to client’s specs or GMP standards. These are made in standard sizes and also as per customer requirements starting from pilot models to commercial models.


Storage Tanks: - We manufacture many types of storage tanks used for chemicals, solids, products, solvents, liquids, oils, Mesilla, extracts used  in many types of process industries. They are perfectly designed to withstand the pressure, temperature, load and to suit the requirements of the process. 
Storage tanks are made as per client requirements and specification. They are made in many orientations and fashions like horizontal, vertical, rectangular, square, elliptical, cylindrical, sphere, hemisphere etc. Also made in mild steel , stainless steel etc.


Drier: - Driers generally known as tray driers / ovens / industrial driers are the most widely used equipment in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, bulk drugs, food, spices and herbal industries etc.
Professionally made driers are designed for strength, durability, perfect air circulation, efficient heating source using electricity, gas, steam or thermic fluids etc., proper insulation system, automatic control systems, convenience in handling with trolleys, different material of construction for whole drier including trays in mild steel, stainless steel grade SS 304 / SS 316, aluminum etc.
The driers are generally made to standard sizes of 12, 24, 48 and 96 trays etc.